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Adaptive labeler maximizes flexibility

Track technology replaces traditional carousel and streamlines expansion.


Show Daily Exclusive - An adaptive labeling machine shown by Makro Labelling North America (Booth S-4159) takes advantage of the latest track technology from B+R Industrial Automation (Booth N-5625). Securing bottle plates and necks with two synchronized ACOPOStrak systems, the Makro C Leap labeling machine frees container and label formats from the constraints of conventional labelers.

As Simone Marcantoni, a founding partner and head of Makro Labelling’s Automation Department, explains, “The C Leap is based on B+R’s ACOPOStrak technology, which replaces the traditional carousel. The layout is two stacked circuits using ACOPOStraks. The shuttles of the lower circuits carry platforms that hold the bottles, while the upper circuits carry the caps. The synchronized circuits move the bottles between the infeed and outfeed star wheels.

“The solution offers numerous advantages in terms of modularity. It is possible to expand the track for additional labeling stations, increase the production rate by increasing the number of platforms [and] change the pitch on the fly—short pitch for short labels, large pitch for long labels.

“Furthermore, expanding the machine only increases the footprint in one dimension, rather than by the square of the carousel diameter as on conventional machines. The diameter and pitch of the star wheels are always the same, independent of the diameter and pitch of the machine.

“Since the beginning of our adventure, the close collaboration with B+R has been one of the main reasons for our success,” concludes Marcantoni. “The level of innovation we strive for, we can only achieve with an equally innovative partner. And nobody does that better than B+R.”

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