Food and beverage markets expanding in Mexico

Lifestyle changes in Mexico mean profitability for processed foods.

Working women and shorter lunch breaks are increasing the demand for consumer ready-made products. These products, mostly imported from the United States, include frozen foods and microwavable meals and snacks. Additionally, baked goods and dairy products account for a large portion of the packaged-food industry. Too, an increase in health and weight awareness has led to labeling changes touting low fat and low carb benefits. Mexico is one of the world's largest soft-drink markets, with growth forecasted in areas outside of large cities. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are also looking to expand into areas of functional and sports drinks. Flavored drinks are also growing in popularity. Additionally, the bottled water market is expanding. Also reflecting the health-consciousness shift in Mexico, demand is up for fruit juices. And while beer is still the number one alcoholic beverage in Mexico, there is rising demand for flavored alcoholic drinks driven by young female drinkers.
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