Caulk-it revolutionizes the sealants market

GE Sealants & Adhesives, a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Co., is revolutionizing the sealant market with its most recent innovation.

Pw 13883 We Caulkit

Trademarked GE Caulk-It provides consumers with a one-of-a-kind squeeze tube applicator created for easy, accurate, and tidy application.

The package has a patent-pending applicator from Polytop and a proprietary formula that resulted from extensive consumer research that revealed that consumers want a caulk that’s easy to apply without the use of a caulk gun.

After giving considerable thought to mastering the ergonomics of the container, the company turned to Altira for design, engineering, mold making, and extrusion blow molding of the medium-density polyethylene container. For decoration, GE went to SleeveCo. That firm gravure-prints the full-body shrink sleeve in six colors. This is believed to be the first product in the sealant category to use full-body shrink sleeves. GE says it chose the design to give the caulk the vibrant shelf appeal it needed to stand out in the retail marketplace.

GE handed the label application tasks to Easy Contract Labeling. This contract labeler answered the call and designed a system to apply the labels. After the precision nozzles are snapped onto the container and the labels applied, the package is sent through a combination of steam tunnels, direct heat, and infrared lighting to achieve the proper shrink.

The new product was released recently nationwide in Wal-Mart and has the potential to enter other chains soon.

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