Labeling trends predicted

Growth in see-through labels, three-dimensional labels and labeling of nonround containers are some of the labeling trends forecast by packagers in a recent market study commissioned by B&H Labeling Systems (Ceres, CA).

The study consisted of in-depth interviews with plant and packaging engineers at more than 40 major labeling equipment users in a variety of industries. Packagers also reported a growing need for faster equipment speeds. Individual estimates for anticipated speed increases ranged from four to 10% per year, with some respondents forecasting as much as a 25% anticipated annual increase in speed. The study also confirmed that fast-change labeling equipment will continue to be in demand to accommodate the proliferation of container shapes and sizes. The study was conducted by Keck & Co. (Atherton, CA). B&H president Lyn Bright will share details from the study at an October 15 Solutions 97 session called "Value-Added Labeling Technologies" at Pack Expo West in Las Vegas.

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