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In comments to USDA on its proposed new regulations allowing the use of irradiation on meat and poultry products, FMI strongly supported irradiation and said informed consumer choice is essential to its success.

Labeling irradiated products allows consumers to make "independent choices consistent with their individual needs and lifestyles," said FMI, adding it supports labeling that links irradiation with its benefits, e.g., "Irradiated to kill harmful bacteria." NFPA, which also strongly supports irradiation, had a different perspective in its comments, requesting USDA to consider whether special labeling is scientifically or legally justified. It supported USDA's proposal to drop requirements that the radura symbol be in a specific color and type size. NFPA objected to USDA's proposal that irradiated meat and poultry ingredients be specifically identified in further processed meats.

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