Labeling needs met at contract beverage manufacturer

Since expanding operations to offer contract packaging services in 2001, Carolina Beverage Group has grown rapidly and established itself as an innovative U.S. contract beverage manufacturer.

One of the new labelers at Carolina Beverage Group.
One of the new labelers at Carolina Beverage Group.

CBG has extensive expertise in cans and a growing customer base in the energy drink, tea, juice-based drink, and malt beverage markets. Jesse King, Account Manager at CBG, says that the strategy behind the company’s growth is to leverage its expertise in blending, filling and packaging in a way that offers its customers a wide range of options. “By design, CBG is one of the most diverse contract beverage manufacturers in the country. Everything we do is based on a consistent philosophy of options and flexibility for our customers.”

CBG recently completed the phased installation of several Logopak  industrial print-and-apply labeling systems: three high-speed case labelers, an in-line pallet printer, and an off-line label printer. The high-speed case labelers run on Logopak’s new operating system, Power Leap III, which King describes as being “very user friendly for our operators.”

Logopak helps CBG deliver on its customer promise of options. According to King, “With Logopak, we can offer our customers choices in label sizes, position, formatting, and rate of speed. Logopak lets CBG arrive at the best possible option for its customers.”

King adds that “Logopak and its regional distributor Pak-Tec have been outstanding partners. Pak-Tec has been very responsive to our day-to-day needs, no matter what the challenge. They’ve also provided outstanding training, so our operators are getting the most from the equipment.”
William Faulkner, President of Logopak Corporation, USA, says that delivering well-engineered labeling equipment built for speed, reliability, and adaptability is absolutely critical, but it’s not the full picture. “Logopak brings a strong sense of partnership and a high level of expertise to hands-on problem-solving for our clients. Customers are seeking higher levels of production with the same assets. We do everything possible to assure that Logopak equipment is delivering the maximum benefit. ”

According to King, the Logopak partnership delivers value. “When Logopak’s labeling systems were first installed, Logopak and Pak-Tec worked very closely with us to make sure the equipment was being configured to enhance efficiency and ramp up speeds. We’re able to run well beyond our needed rate of speed.

“Currently, we have a project for a customer. Their needs require us to reengineer part of the packing process, placing labels in a different position than design parameters originally allowed. Logopak flew in from Germany to our plant just north of Charlotte, NC. They did this to consult, assess, and work directly on the issue. We’re now implementing a solution and will be able to meet our new customer’s requirements. That’s responsive. That’s a true partnership – working to make great equipment perform at its highest level.”

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