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Dual bottle dials in a custom tan

Fiji Blend debuts tanning lotion innovation through a nifty two-in-one bottle and a lenticular carton.

Pw 12888 Shades Of Darkness

People display their individuality when it comes to their tanning ability or desire. Now new Shades of Darkness customized bronzing system allows users to dial in their own tan settings.

“What we’ve done with Shades of Darkness is designed a product to customize a level of darkness that’s right for each consumer,” explains marketing director Yana Simone of Fiji Blend, Malibu, CA. “Each consumer chooses the specific shade they want. We’re very excited to introduce this innovative new idea that will revolutionize the tanning industry.”

The packaging, which Simone says “plays a huge role” in the effort, marks the U. S. debut of the Versadial variable dispensing technology.

Appearing at first glance as a single bottle, the package is actually two 3-oz half-bottles that lock together tongue-in-groove style. One side holds the “light” formula lotion, the other the “dark” bronzer that contains a higher percentage of the active ingredients including self-tanners and bronzers.

Rotating the cap regulates the ratio of product dispensed from the bottles. As the Versadial dispensing head rotates, it simultaneously positions an interior disk at a premeasured angle and setting to the pump pistons. These angles determine the extent to which each pump will be engaged when the actuator is pressed, precisely affecting the amount of product that is dispensed from each bottle. Mixing ratios from 0 to 100%, in as little as 5% increments, can be preset.

Fiji Blend selected a Versadial package with 11 click-stop settings that permit users to set precisely—in 10% increments—the tanning level they want, from lighter to darker tanning. An additional “lock” setting prevents the package from inadvertently dispensing, such as when carried in a purse. A pressure-sensitive label on the head is printed with the click-stops that correspond to a tiny pointer molded on the side of the dispensing head.

Versadial provides the three components: the single-wall, extrusion/stretch blow-molded polyester copolymer bottles; the polyethylene connectors that seal the bottles and accept the dispensing head; and the dispensing head, which consists of 13 parts molded mostly of polyethylene or polypropylene, as well as springs and valve. There’s also a PP overcap.

In fact, the entire modular package, including cap and labels, is provided through Versadial.

The 3-oz bottles are sourced from Gaplast GmbH in Germany, where Versadial’s parent company is located. Gaplast specializes in plastic containers used in healthcare packaging. Fiji Blend selected a PETG bottle for the gloss and overall aesthetics. The products are contract packaged.

The 3-oz bottles are sourced from Germany, where Versadial’s parent company is located. The product is contract packaged.

The reason for the separate halves is that the product is also available in refill form, either light or dark side. The consumer pulls off the closure top, separates the used bottle, and replaces it with a refill bottle, which retails for $18.

Shades of Darkness was launched in January 2004 at salons throughout the United States and Canada where it retails for $45.

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