Multisorb Technologies, Inc: StabilOx Specialty Oxygen Scavenger

StabilOx™ Specialty Oxygen Absorbers work with the product andpackaging to resolve product instability issues related to oxygendegradation.

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Pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, botanical extracts and

diagnostic tests are often subject to oxygen- and moisture-mediated

degradation. Where oxygen is the primary degradation pathway, StabilOx

eliminates oxygen from the packaged environment without exotic or expensive

formulation changes, stopping drug degradation.

StabilOx oxygen absorbers are available in various formats to provide

stability solutions for virtually any packaging, including high-density

polyethylene (HDPE) bottles, trays and blister packs. This innovative

product eliminates oxygen while maintaining the equilibrium relative

humidity (ERH) in the package. This ensures the integrity of drug

compositions by preventing the cracking and leeching associated with

over-drying, while at the same time preventing moisture-mediated


Achieving stability in pharmaceutical formulations or medical devices

requires a difficult balance between increasingly-complex variables. Success

is vital, and a prerequisite, for a new drug to reach the marketplace.

StabilOx oxygen absorbers provide a simple solution that resides inside the

packaging instead of the drug product.

StabilOx works with automated dispensing equipment for high-speed packaging

lines to:

* Eliminate oxygen to prevent instability in pharmaceutical products

* Manage free moisture (ERH) to eliminate secondary degradation pathways

* Provide exceptional flexibility for any packaging operation

Whatever your packaging needs, Multisorb has a StabilOx scavenger in a

format that fits the requirement.

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