INX International Ink Co.: Metal decorating inks

INX International has introduced TP UV Fusion™, a UV-hybrid low migration ink, and the TP LEC base system of thermoset inks.

TP UV Fusion™ hybrid inks for 3-piece metal decorating are specifically formulated for indirect food packaging applications that require low migration and low odor inks. Inks conform to Nestle requirements for packaging inks. Because they are environmentally friendly without VOC solvents, and both ITX and Benzophenone free, they qualify for the ASA Soy Ink Seal.  With exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of base coated metal substrates, TP UV Fusion is a high-quality, earth-friendly product that offers quality press stability and color balance and is said to be comparable to the best conventional litho inks on the market.
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