Sun Chemical: Inks for folding carton package printing

Sun Chemical’s SunPak™ Diamond inks provide folding carton printers with high-definition print resolution, low misting at the highest printing speeds, and fast setting properties that reduce printing waste.

SunPak Diamond inks can be used on all offset sheetfed presses, including high speed and wide format presses. The fast setting properties of the inks accelerate post-production and significantly reduce waste print, saving money and increasing uptime. Inks are heat resistant and UV coatable offline. The inks can also be laminated and laser imprinted. Inks are in compliance with ISO2846:1 and meet the requirements of ISO12647:2 and GraCol 7 print standards.
SunPak Diamond inks contain the maximum level of materials from renewable resources. Additionally, waste prints on carton board which were produced using these inks can be recycled.

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