Squid Ink: Environmentally friendly ink

Squid Ink ‘s SI-PZ1800 Soya Black ink is an affordable “green” solution for printing high quality marks on porous products while reducing impact on the environment.

Pw 6608 Websquid

Made with 80% soya technologies, SI-PZ1800 offers hi-resolution inks while being nearly 100% biodegradable. The ink does not contain ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants and is designed for porous printing applications where environmental impacts are a concern. SI-PZ1800 is intended for 100% utilization and does not contain sediments, residue or sludge that can cause printhead clogging. The ink also has superior lightfast properties to reduce fading over time. Designed for permanent marking, SI-PZ1800 provides excellent rub resistance for bar-coding applications.

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