Fischer Paper Products launches its first sustainable packaging line

TruKraft, a line of sustainable products, is designed to answer consumer demands for ecofriendly packaging.

Fischer Paper Products, a paper packaging manufacturer for the foodservice industry, is launching its TruKraft line, a line of sustainable products meant to encourage operators to become environmentally conscious about their packaging contributions.

To respond to a growing trend in foodservice and on-the-go eating, Fischer TruKraft is made to be a solution for consumers demanding ecofriendly options for the packaging that their food is served in. Sustainable and commercially compostable, TruKraft products come in a variety of sizes designed for food items such as sandwiches, pastries, bread, and French fries.

“As our society shifts to an on-the-go mentality, now is the time for operators to reevaluate the type of packaging being used in their establishment,” says Bill Fischer, VP of Marketing & Service for Fischer Paper Products. “We work closely with our customers to ensure that they are meeting the extensive demand for green packaging—helping to set their operation up for success as the food delivery trend continues to rise.”

The company says all the products are made from paper sourced from certified sustainable forests, and that the line features several bags with clear panels made from bio-based PLA film. These are environmentally friendly options designed to showcase the food within the packaging. French bread, artisan sandwiches, and flatbreads can be clearly displayed without using petroleum-based materials.

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