Frain Industries releases 2015 sustainability results

Frain Industries shares results from its “Commitment to Sustainability” initiative.

Frain Industries, a provider of integrated packaging and processing equipment solutions, released results from its “Commitment to Sustainability” initiative.

In 2015, Frain saved 433 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, recycled 2.5 tons of project test materials, re-used 6,196 parts from the company’s inventory, re-purposed 1238 machines, and saved 686,000 pounds of new machinery.

“Frain Industries is committed to working with our customers and partners to reduce waste, greenhouse emissions and required resources. The company is uniquely positioned to contribute, given the size of its equipment inventory, and the company’s ability to utilize its research and engineering resources to recondition and engineer the equipment it leases and sells. I am proud of the results our employees accomplishments in conjunction with the ‘Commitment to Sustainability’ program,” says Richard Frain, CEO.

The company maintains more than 8,000 pieces of equipment, employs 100 experienced industry professionals, and provides single source solutions to equipment availability, project consulting, and application management, along with multi unit integration and engineered services.

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