Sustainability solutions showcased at Pack Expo

Machines and materials with sustainability benefits were presented at Pack Expo 2010, following a keynote by the innovator of UPCYCLING packaging, Tom Szaky, President and Founder of TerraCycle.

Featured presentations included:
• AFA systems, Ltd – Dual Side Seam Case, Equivalent size and stack strength to with up to 40% less material using die cut blanks compared with standard RSC
• Avery Dennison – Polyphane Fit,  Roll fed sleeve film for label of PET bottles that can be cleanly separated in recycling process
• BIOPAQc – EcoNewpack, Alternative Retail Ready Packaging uses less material
• Cryotech International, MicroDose, Liquid Nitrogen dosing technology that allows up to 40% PET lightweighting in Hot Fill applications
• EcoLogic – Ecopure, Organic additive to biodegrade plastics after disposal
• FoxIV Technologies, Inc – TwinPrint, Reduces Pressure Sensitive Label liner waste by 50% with two-side print process
• Henkel Corporation – Mirafoil liquid coating for Flexible films, fully recyclable, replacing Foil laminations and stamping
• Microgreen Polymers – InCycle  Recycled PET transformed into expanded, lightweight and printable sheet; still fully recyclable
• Package Machinery Overwrap, Inc – Sustainable Overwrap – System that can reduce material used by up to 50% compared to other outer wraps and shrink applications
• Ropak Packaging -  Diamond Weave  technology for structural integrity can achieve 35% source reduction in PP containers.

Sustainability Initiatives by these companies were judged by Tom Szaky of TerraCyle and Brian Wagner of PTIS, Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions. The Packaging Association of Canada organized the "Green Den" presentation.
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