Seven packaging resolutions for 2007

Yes, I’m sick of hearing about (and breaking) the typical resolutions, but it’s worth pondering these packaging resolutions from JoAnn Hines, self-proclaimed “packaging diva.”

1. Think like the customer. What annoys you about product packaging? Think about what packaging attributes you like and why.
2. Understand your target market. Does your packaging connect with the consumer in a meaningful way?
3. Learn from bad packaging. Examples: Fabuloso’s cleaning product whose packaging looks like a beverage, and Wolfgang Puck’s self-heating latte can.
4. Learn from good packaging. Pet food, bottled water, and luxury consumable goods represent hot packaging categories.
5. Create brand extensions through innovation. Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers in a spray pump bottle and Laughing Cow Cheese in a squeeze bottle are examples of innovative packs that go beyond “new and improved.”
6. Stay on top of industry trends. Two to watch in 2007: environmental sustainability or “green” packaging, and private-label growth.
7. Think big picture. With the Internet, some of the hottest brand searches are from outside the U.S.A. Your packaging better keep up.

The bottom line: The consumer is king/queen. If they demand things as to your product packaging, resolve to listen to them. For more information, visit

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