PLA folding cartons

AGI/Klearfold introduces NatureSource™ Visual Packaging—folding cartons made from NatureWorks PLA corn-based polymer.

In addition to offering the desirable environmental benefit of being made from a sustainable, annually renewable resource, the cartons are said to have clarity and durability that ensure consumer acceptance and powerful brand performance. The plastic cartons are suitable for any high-quality, value-added visual packaging application, including cosmetics, personal care, liquor, and many other consumer products.

AGI/Klearfold began to develop a high-performance PLA plastic carton almost 18 months ago. It was a collaborative process with NatureWorks that included researching and developing a PLA sheet that could withstand the rigors of carton manufacturing and decorating; building a supply chain; and developing converting processes and ink and adhesive systems tailored to the unique requirements of the new substrate.

To bring NatureSource Visual Packaging to market, AGI/Klearfold and its partners applied new processing techniques to yield a clear, heat-stable PLA sheet suitable for demanding box-grade applications. NatureSource cartons are very durable, offer exceptional stiffness, and crease beautifully to form cartons that fold cleanly and maintain a crisp shape. NatureSource cartons can be printed using offset, flexo, or silk screen, or any combination of those printing processes, and can be embossed and hot or cold foil stamped for enhanced brand appeal.

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