GMA evaluates Massachusetts plan

The GMA strongly supports the Product Stewardship Initiative that will be a central component of Massachusetts’ source reduction strategy. Under this initiative, the state works cooperatively with product manufacturers to decrease the amount of product packaging and provide for more reuse opportunities.

In comments to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, GMA noted that packaging innovations by its members have greatly reduced the amount of packaging waste going into landfills. The state’s initiative, said the GMA, is in line with the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ “Shared Responsibility for Waste Reduction Resolution,” which focuses on collaborative, voluntary public and private sector efforts.

The GMA expressed concern about statements in Massachusetts’ solid waste master plan, indicating that it might, at times, take a more “proactive stance on issues of major importance.” “Restrictive regulatory schemes” should only be used as a last resort, said GMA, because they are “inherently inefficient.”

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