Coalition discredits EPA study on bottle bills

When the Environmental Protection Agency asked for peer review of a draft report prepared by the Tellus Institute on the costs and benefits of bottle bills, the Coalition for Comprehensive Recycling, a broad-based group including representatives from industry, organized labor and retail trades, had plenty to say.

The Coalition asked EPA to reject the report, which was generally favorable to bottle bills, by saying it does not meet the standards of credible, scholarly research. In its study, the Institute developed a hypothetical nationwide model based on California's A.B. 2020 law to derive its cost/benefit analysis. The Coalition charged that the Institute did not understand the operation of the California law. The study, said the Coalition, "is superficial, offers unsubstantiated assumptions, wrongly interprets previous research and draws conclusions from outdated, inaccurate data." Coalition members also submitted separate, individual comments to EPA. Most packaging organizations are members of the Coalition.

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