Producers promote 100% recycled paperboard

Fourteen major U.S. manufacturers of recycled paperboard have formed the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance, New York, to promote the use of the product in packaging of both consumer and industrial products.

"RPA-100% will drive home to customer companies, retailers and consumers that buying 100% recycled paperboard is the most effective means of doing good for the environment and for themselves," says Bradley Currey, Jr., president and CEO of Rock-Tenn Co. (Norcross, GA). "As the largest end use of recovered paper products like old corrugated containers, old newspapers and mixed office papers, 100% recycled paperboard maximizes the recycling efforts of millions of American consumers," he says. Producers of recycled paperboard already consume 7.4 million tons of paper annually. The Alliance plans to create a powerful "brand" for 100% recycled paperboard within a marketing and promotional program consisting of publicity, teacher training and environmentally-themed promotions with retailers.

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