Counting Down the Top 10 Articles of 2021 - #4: Hasbro Phases Out Plastics

Based on online clicks and unique page views, we are counting down the Top 10 articles of 2021. Check out this March 2021 article on how a major board game company will “bring sustainability to family game night.”

The first fully sustainable board game.
The first fully sustainable board game.

Anne Marie Mohan reported in March 2021 that this global toy company plans to eliminate all plastic packaging for new products by the end of 2022 and is introducing two new products that will “bring sustainability to family game night.”

“We're trying to sell toys, but we're also trying to genuinely make the world a better place and hopefully preserve some of the resources that this world has left to offer our kids,” said Hasbro’s Ben Kuchler, Director of Product and Package Sustainability. Kuchler and Jacquie Patterson, Senior Manager of Package Engineering on the Sustainability Team, presented at Sustainability in Packaging US this week, and talked about the company’s broad sustainability actions over the past decade, as well as their path for the future.

Hasbro, creator of iconic toys and games such as Nerf, My Little Pony, Transformers, Play-Doh, Monopoly, Baby Alive, and Power Rangers, has also partnered with brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. Kuchler said that in 2018, Hasbro became the first toy company to offer a recycling program for US customers. And through a partnership with TerraCycle, Hasbro recycles the “retired” toys back into things like playground equipment, park benches, and flowerpots. The program was expanded to France, Germany, Brazil, and Canada in 2019, the UK in 2020, and “a bunch of other countries are being planned for the years ahead,” said Kuchler.

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