Walmart reports that it has not yet found a suitable replacement for polyvinyl chloride for packaging many of its private-label brands. Given the vinyl industry’s claims that PVC is not harmful to the environment, is Walmart wasting its time? Tell us what you think: greenerpackage.com/node/2624

The Aluminum Association disputes a recent report that PET plastic offers the best environmental footprint for single-serve beverages when compared with aluminum cans or glass bottles. They say, “The aluminum can is the benchmark for sustainable packaging….” Who’s right? greenerpackage.com/node/2518

Will rewards compel consumers to recycle? PepsiCo thinks so and is attempting to meet its goal for 50% beverage container recycling by 2018 in part through the new reverse-vending ‘Dream Machine.’ Will it work? greenerpackage.com/node/2606

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