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“Climategate” stirs up the debate on the validity of claims that global warming is a man-made phenomenon. Meanwhile, the EPA officially declares that greenhouse gases “endanger human health.” Join the conversation.

A strategy of “reducing first, then recycling” is the best environmental path to follow when it comes to drinking-water delivery systems, reports a new study. What about other packaged products? Is refillable, reusable packaging far behind?

The list of West Coast cities banning the use of expanded polystyrene for foodservice packaging grows. Some groups claim this places an unfair financial burden on businesses already dealing with a difficult economy. Should the bans continue, or is investment in EPS recycling a better alternative?

Hormel continues to lightweight the packaging for its major brands. Meanwhile, competitive CPGs look at new materials and recycling schemes to reach their sustainability goals. Is Hormel doing enough?

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