MoreTerraCycle developments

Other news shared by spokesman Albe Zakes is that TerraCycle is planning to:

• Establish regional processing facilities by 2012, likely starting near San Francisco and near Atlanta.
• Shred and heat-fuse packaging materials into progressively thicker sheets that can be used for shelving and other building materials.
• Pelletize plastics comprising 100% recycled plastics for early 2010 commercial introduction.
• Launch its own e-commerce Web site,, to debut soon.

In other news:
• TerraCycle’s upcycled Capri Sun pencil case (see was the number one-selling pencil case at Target in 2008.
• The entire back panel of 10-count multipack boxes of Capri Sun drinks sold at retail is devoted to TerraCycle messaging, some 300 million boxes yearly, according to Zakes.
• Kraft Foods’ Chips Ahoy and Oreo-brand cookie products are also printing TerraCycle messaging on the back of their packages.

“These brands that had nonrecyclable packaging can now use the TerraCycle logo,” says Zakes. “We estimate that TerraCycle will gain half a billion free impressions from having our messaging on the packaging of these major brands.”

Online sales of the Capri Sun tote bag were so strong at that the products were brought in-store.

Meanwhile, TerraCycle’s flagship worm poop brand plant food continues to anchor the company’s sales with 35% revenues. New package graphics will be rolling out this summer starting at Target, beginning with TerraCycle’s cleaners and pet product, and reaching worm poop in 2010, according to Zakes.

Naturally, TerraCycle will be using the packaging materials with the new graphics only as they exhaust the old.

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