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In the U.K., a new, universal on-pack recycling-label program has been launched by the British Retail Consortium to provide consumers with standardized recycling information. Could this be a good model for a U.S. system?
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The industry is sharply divided over oxo-biodegradables. Read what Steve Mojo, executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute, says about this controversial material, and
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The Sustainable Packaging Coalition has launched its COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment) online software application to help packaging designers make more informed material selections early in the development process. How useful a tool will this be for packagers?
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Is Aquafina onto something with its new lightweight, 10.9-g Eco-Fina PET bottle? Is less plastic the best solution to combat PET beverage bottles’ impact on the environment? Share your opinion:

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