Cascades: Sustainable Systems at PACK EXPO Connects

Retail and packaging systems introduced as protective and sustainable options.

Imgn Retail Solutions

Cascades’ Imgn Retail Solutions’ POS and displays are corrugated containers that use integrated print technology custom-designed to the customer’s needs. These products are made to be safe and stable during transportation. Palletizing software is also used to increase safety and reduce costs, says the company. The Imgn POS and displays are reusable and apply to shelf-ready, bag-in-a-box and e-retail.

Cascades Protect

Cascades' protective packaging is designed to be light yet sturdy and eco-friendly. Cascades offers a range of different-sized boxes. Custom-designed boxes are also available for special shapes, and heavy or fragile product. 

RPET Rolled Rim Tray 

As part of Cascades’ Fresh Packaging Solutions, the tray uses rolled rim technology and is made of recycled and recyclable PET for packaging with film, without risk of tears. This RPET tray is designed to work on packaging equipment operating at high speed. The structure is meant to maximize stiffness and minimize the risk of warping. It is suited for retailers and processors alike, and typical uses are stretch film overwrap application.

Sustainable thermoformed cardboard tray

Another Fresh Packaging Solution, this cardboard tray for fresh protein made out of recycled and recyclable fiber is certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The tray uses SurfSHIELDMC Plus, a water-based barrier coating made to be as effective as polymer. This design should reduce rejects, water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption, says the company. The tray’s stiffness is meant to enhance its stacking strength and speed up the filling process to optimize transportation and storage.

E-com packaging system

The company designs custom boxes for e-commerce through box shape and quality printing. Common uses include the mailer box for monthly subscriptions and gift boxes. Boxes can be insulated, multi-depth, and all boxes are created to be sustainable designs that protect the products.


Visit Cascades’ showroom at PACK EXPO Connects and explore the Trend Chats, Innovation Stages and demos still available through March 2021.

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