Aptar joins APASS

Amazon Packaging Support Supplier (APASS) program ensures packaging complies with design and testing requirements.

Aptar Group
Aptar Group

Show Daily Exclusive - As a member of the Amazon Packaging Support Supplier (APASS) program, AptarGroup (Booth N-6261) provides services to support compliance with Amazon’s eCommerce design guidelines and certification test methods.

Amazon designed the APASS program to help vendors, sellers and manufacturers certify products as Frustration Free Packaging, Ships-in-Own-Container or Prep-Free Packaging.


As consumers continue to demand convenience in every step of their shopping journey, online sales for consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are projected to grow at an incredible rate. Nielsen research indicates 72% of shoppers expect to buy groceries online in the next decade while 23% say they already did so in 2017. Statista estimates that eCommerce sales of fast-moving consumer goods will account for 17.5% of total global retail sales by 2021.

CPG brands are quickly adapting to sell via eCommerce. During the past 10 to 15 years, brands have been striving to reduce costs by developing lighter packaging and using less material. Some brands were successful, but lightweighting can reach a tipping point where packaging becomes too fragile to provide sufficient protection.

Products with dispensing systems face many challenges: Closures disconnect from the package or break; seals fail. Resulting product leakage can damage other items in the box and lead to chargebacks that hurt the bottom line.

To mitigate transport risks, some online retailers implement tertiary packaging such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, plastic bags, air pillows and double boxing. However, the added protection comes with increased material and labor costs, significantly affecting profitability.

Plus, even if the protective packaging delivers the product to the consumer’s home without damage, it still may create an undesirable experience. The additional waste from the protective packaging disappoints environmentally-friendly consumers. The added packaging also can frustrate if it’s a struggle to unbox, unwrap and unseal the multiple layers.

A better approach involves improving the primary package so it withstands the rigors of the eCommerce supply chain and creates a positive consumer experience. Aptar’s eCommerce-capable dispensing products include closures, pumps, fitments and sealing technologies. The systems pass the ISTA-6 testing protocol and deliver desired performance. Aptar also relies on established relationships with key eTailers and shipping companies to ensure each component meets the needs of the supply chain.

A successful eCommerce packaging strategy depends on working with suppliers who understand the standards, know the testing protocols and procedures of large online retailers, can help conduct proper testing and offer technologies that are ready to implement.

For more information, visit www.aptar.com. SD

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