Inline labeling machine

See video of the NEW Label-Aire Inline Series 9000 labeling system offers you a wealt h of choices to make labeling easier and faster.

The Inline Series 9000's long list of options allows you to build a labeling system to work seamlessly in your line. The 9000's toughness, flexibility, speed, and accuracy translate to lower operating costs and increased productivity for your business.

The rugged Inline 9000 is a structural steel cabinet based PLC-controlled labeling system designed for heavy duty front/back, side panel, or applications. Among its standard features are a swing arm control panel, a 12 foot (3,658 mm) delrin chain conveyor with extruded aluminum side plates, and a segmented top trap hold down to keep your products in place. Other standard features include Automatic Speed Following (ASF) for product surface profiling, a 1 HP motor for long-lasting durability, and dual applicator mounts with in/out traverse, up/down, with tilt adjustments for maximum versatility. Standard speeds up to 1,500 inches (3,180 cm) per minute and optional speeds up to 2,000 inches (5,080 cm) per minute with the optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) make the 9000 the ideal choice for demanding applications requiring speed and precision. The 9000's long list of options include a choice of Label-Aire New Generation applicators (wipe-on, air-blow, or tamp-blow), wrap belt, single or dual feedscrews, stainless steel side plates, airfill capability, and powered or non-powered impressors.

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