Display Pack announces move to Cedar Springs, MI

Company growth prompts move to 406,000-sq.-ft. facility

Display Pack, based in Grand Rapids, MI, recently purchased a 406,000-square-foot facility in nearby Cedar Springs that will become its new home. The Cedar Springs, Michigan facility, consists of 360,000 square-feet of manufacturing space and 46,000 square-feet of mezzanine space. It is currently occupied by Wolverine Worldwide, a global footwear and clothing maker who uses it as distribution center. Display Pack plans to transition into the facility, located just north of Grand Rapids, as Wolverine winds down its current local operations.

"The growth we have been going through mandated we find a bigger, more suitable facility," said Victor Hansen, President of Display Pack. "Our plastic packaging division alone has grown 85% over the past three years; and due to our aggressive growth strategy it’s impossible to keep up with that growth at our present facilities."

Display Pack recently sold its current home, a five story, 375,000-square-foot building in Grand Rapids, which it has occupied since 1979, to Naperville, Illinois-based Franklin Partners who is considering using the building as either high-tech office space or an apartment building. Display Pack currently employs 225 people and swells seasonally to about 270, foresees adding approximately 50 more jobs as it transitions into the new site. The types of jobs that will be available include Thermoforming operators, Quality and Project Engineers, Customer Service Reps, Mold Designers, CNC Operators, and Material Handling/Warehouse Workers, just to name a few.


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