CPA Releases Their 2021 State of the Industry Report Amid Industry Growth

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The contract packaging and contract manufacturing (CP/CM) industry is currently worth $75.6 billion and projected to continue growing at two-times the pace of the sectors it serves, according to the brand new 2021 State of the Industry Report produced by CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers. This comprehensive benchmark study provides valuable insights for anyone involved in or served by the food & CPG CP/CM industry.

The trends driving and supporting this growth are rated by industry leaders for their impact, including:

  • Brands ongoing drive for value and efficiency
  • Capacity constraints
  • Short and long term COVID impacts
  • The Amazon effect / the Walmart effect
  • Private Equity investment / legacy ownership
  • Industry consolidations
  • Offshore competition and more

Published tri-annually since 2008, the State of the Industry report combines extensive quantitative and qualitative research with interviews and surveys with over 120 industry CEOs, executives, vendors, customers and other leaders. The report provides insights for investors, industry participants, customers, and vendors.

“One example of change is the continued rise of private equity,” says Ron Puvak, executive director, CPA. “While still a highly fragmented, entrepreneurial industry, the CP/CM industry is undergoing rapid consolidation and record outside investment.”

Unlike third-party statistical research summaries, the report goes beyond the numbers, combining executive insights with qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research.

“The ongoing rapid growth of our industry confirms that we continue to deliver value and innovation sought by large and small brands,” says Rob Reinders, president, CPA. “This report helps explore the trends, drivers and headwinds shaping our industry’s future.”

Topics in this 182-page report include:

  • Defining the Food/CPG industry by scope and revenue
  • Industry CAGR 2019–2025 packaging/manufacturing
  • The continued rise of Private Equity
  • Expanding customer value cycle expectations
  • The labor crisis and possible future impacts
  • Demographics: size, company age, locations, revenue
  • Upstream sustainability expansion
  • SKU rationalizations
  • Offshoring competition
  • E-commerce / Stealth brands
  • Customer consolidation

“This is a rare, front-seat view for anyone investing in, selling to or depending upon the CP/CM industry,” said Mark O'Malley, immediate past president, CPA. “This report contains valuable information we will use in our business in 2021 and beyond.”

The just released 2021 CPA State of the Industry Report is available for $1,995. For details, to order the report or to download a table of contents, visit

Click here to request the table of contents and more information.

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