The future: growth organically and by merger

The Visual Pak Companies sees continued opportunities for growth by improving the scale of its services and also further integrating operations brought on by customer demand. The company expects that growth will come both organically and through mergers.

Visual Pak Atlanta provides a case in point for the company’s organic growth. “We went down there because we believed the Southeast was in dire need of secondary packaging,” says Tim Koers, chief operating officer. “We thought our model would work quite well down there, and coupled with that, it gave us an opportunity to start our 3PL operations and to be able to further extend those services elsewhere in the country. We’re not done yet. There should be many other areas of the country that we’d like to extend it to as well.”

Koers also mentions, without delving into specifics, that The Visual Pak Companies is considering both organic growth and expansion via acquisition for its other operations around the U.S.

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