'Operating' a line that doesn't yet exist

Nulogy’s PackManager software offers other customer benefits as well. Currently, two MSW Packaging customers have access to the software system.

When their project runs on the shop floor, they’re automatically notified and can check the system for information about production volume and shipment arrival date. In the future, MSW plans to leverage the software by digitally planning and “operating” a production line before it’s actually built on the plant floor. MSW will work with its sister company, SeaCrest Packaging Systems, which designs carton- and case-tray-packaging equipment for specific projects.

Often, MSW and SeaCrest work with customers on marketing, branding, and packaging development for future product lines. For these projects, MSW needs to project efficiency levels for a line that doesn’t yet exist. Specialized equipment from SeaCrest comes into play here.

After PackManager software has been running at MSW for a while and has collected enough numbers about different jobs, MSW President Chris Nutley will use it to project line layout. Managers can design the ideal line for the project on-screen and can include the SeaCrest equipment in those projections.

“We’ll put a prototype piece of equipment from SeaCrest on the line, make pilot runs on the computer, and then log staffing, material, and equipment costs into the program,” Nutley says. “That way, we can predict line efficiencies with the prototype equipment.”

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