Minding the logistics side

The logistics involved in packaging products as complex as the Blink line require seamless communication and planning well in advance, says Rand Direct’s Matt Kern, who coordinated the work flow.

The co-packer integrated long lead times for materials—especially with paper mills—with Honeywell’s sales forecasts.
“There are three different towelettes in the Blink line, but only one is actually moist inside the package,” Kern says.

“Each requires a different paper stock, making the lead time anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks. It is a real team effort. It’s Honeywell opening up their production schedule to us and saying, ‘If you need it done in June, then we need to order it
in December.’”

After Rand Direct packages the Blink products, the company stores them in a warehouse facility adjacent to its production plant in Edison, NJ. Honeywell purchases packaged products from Rand Direct, which handles fulfillment.

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