PepsiCo Launches New Canned Cocktail Mixers

In a move to meet consumer trends, PepsiCo is launching ‘Neon Zebra’ cocktail mixes in aluminum cans, which are due to hit shelves on Monday.

PepsiCo's new brand of cocktail mixers: Neon Zebra
PepsiCo's new brand of cocktail mixers: Neon Zebra

Though it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that COVID was the catalyst for the launch - fueled by a rise in drinking-at-home brought on by a year of stay-at-home orders and closed bars and restaurants, the new brand of cocktail mixes was actually initiated two years ago based on a rising consumer trend that was accelerated by the pandemic.

According to Nielsen retail data, US consumers spent $304.6 million on cocktail mixes in the last year - a 36% increase. In 2019 the increase was 1.2%. According to PepsiCo, the cocktail mixers category (including total mixers, ginger beer, club soda, and tonics) saw a 28% growth in 2020 and is worth more than $858 million.

"With at-home cocktail consumption on the rise, we saw an opportunity to build and disrupt this fast-growing category with a product that meets consumers' needs for convenience - to cut out time and mess without compromising on quality and taste," said Emily Silver, VP of Innovation & Capabilities, PepsiCo Beverages North America. "Neon Zebra adds a new level of personality in the cocktail mixer category with its bold flavors and colors and easy-to-use, recyclable mini-can format."

Targeted to consumers between 21 and 34, the brand will launch with four non-alcoholic flavors that won out in taste tests: Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito and Whiskey Sour. Each 7.5 aluminum can is made with real juice and no artificial sweeteners, and has enough mix to make two cocktails. The cans will be packaged in paperboard 6-packs.

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