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Mass flow feedback optimizes filling efficiency

PneumaticScaleAngelus has developed a mass flow meter feedback capability for its fillers to control rate of rise of the filling head diving nozzles. It applies to the company’s new dual phase or swirl filling systems introduced last year as well as its conventional single product fillers.

In swirl filling, servos rotate the containers and control the speed of diving nozzle retraction to create patterns of two products, such as shampoo and conditioner.

By linking the speed of dive and rotation, the system can adjust for changes in fill speed due mainly to viscosity and rheology resulting from factors such as temperature change and batch-to-batch differences. In swirl filling, the advantages are repeatable patterns and clean filling.

Flow meter feedback to servo controlled diving in non-swirl applications has resulted in reduced nozzle coating and foaming which can also mean quicker fill time by filling above the surface of the product and raising the nozzle as the surface rises.

The Pneumatic Scale Angelus swirl filling control system allows the packager to divide their container(s) into five distinct segments in which they can determine the amount of the total fill, height of segment, number of degrees of spin, and spin direction. Therefore, flow meter feedback to servo spin and dive allows for a more repeatable execution of the parameters as filling properties change throughout production.

Swirl filling has many possible applications where the products being filled have a high enough viscosity to prevent mixture from handling such as soaps, lotions, food, cosmetics, etc. And by delivering more repeatable results, less scrap is generated as well.

About Schneider Electric ELAU Packaging Solutions

Schneider Electric ELAU Packaging Solutions is the only automaton system in the world purpose-built for packaging machinery.

Schneider Electric ELAU Packaging Solutions equips over $1 billion worth of packaging machines annually, with over 45,000 systems already deployed worldwide.

The market demands packaging operations that are more flexible and efficient to fulfill marketing, supply chain and global business strategies. Schneider Electric innovations have enabled a revolution in mechanical, software and hardware modularity to deliver these agile packaging systems.

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