ID Technology Enhances Model 252, the #1 Selling Label Printer Applicator

ID Technology introduces two new application modules for its Model 252 Label Printer Applicator. The high speed wipe application module is designed to wipe a label directly onto the side of a case or carton as the product passes the label printer applicator. The second module is an update to the standard tamp module.

ID Technology, powered by Pro Mach, a leading provider of labeling, coding and marking solutions, has designed an Integrated System featuring a Model 252 Label Printer Applicator and a BEL Case Taper. This system – the Model 252CTL – accomplishes taping and labeling of a case in only 7 feet. The system easily accommodates a wide range of box widths as the taper and labeler move simultaneously from one adjustment point. An additional adjustment allows for various height boxes. There is no need for an additional conveyor section to transfer the box from the taper to the labeler. The result is a case taper labeler with an extremely small footprint.

The Label Printer Applicator is a standard Model 252 Corner Wrap unit, built on the Centerline-Modularity™ Concept. This concept eliminates as many adjustment points as possible to increase uptime and lower operating costs. The Model 252 also features a touch screen User Interface for easy programming and a revolutionary plasma coated air assist tube that eliminates label sticking. The 252 is located directly on the outfeed of a BEL 150 Semi-Automatic Pressure Sensitive Case Taper from sister company Wexxar/BEL. The BEL 150 seals a wide range of case sizes at speeds up to 30 cases per minute with quick case size changes.

ID Technology will be demonstrating this machine as well as other Labeling, Coding and Marking equipment at Pack Expo East; booth 603.

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