75 cpm high speed case erector

See this video clip of the VCE Vertical Case Erector from Wayne Automation Corporation that runs RSC, HSC, and AFM cases at speeds up to 75 cases per minute.

This all-mechanical, continuous motion case erector maximizes system uptime and minimizes materials waste.

The VCE’s versatile operation allows speeds ranging from 20 cpm through 75 cpm, with customers routinely using the VCE to package not only their high speed case requirements but that of many of their slower needs. The VCE discharges its erected cases in a ‘trouble free’ vertical position sitting on its bottom.

Sensors at critical points in the erecting and sealing areas detect proper folding and gluing throughout the case erecting process. Advanced electronics and machine diagnostics constantly monitor the performance of the system, significantly reducing the need for operator intervention.

Based on field reports, the VCE high speed case erector delivers less than 1/8 of 1% material waste while operating at 99% machine uptime efficiencies. Wayne Automation guarantees this level of results for the VCE Case Erector, as well as all its packaging systems.

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