Cartoner ideal for bottled water packaging

The ZAC-CH10.5-30I-Stick horizontal cartoning system from Z Automation can package products ranging from a stick pack to feminine products, continuously or intermittently.

This equipment can also accommodate a range of carton sizes. Key Features: ZAC Vertical Collator uniquely accumulates and collates the product via a vertical racetrack. The collation fingers of the racetrack maintains control of the product through infeed to discharge. ZAC patented dynamic product buckets cup and conform to the product for precise loading which increases the speed and enhances the efficiency. This method eliminates damage to the product and carton while allowing for the flexibility to accommodate for a range of sizes for the product. ZAC patented Carry-In Device allows for quick and efficient carton loading. The entire device enters the carton, delivering the product in one continuous motion, eliminating the common push-load method. Utilizing this method eliminates space and maintenance consuming devices such as barrel cams. This feature accepts a variety of different types of products.

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