Weber's newest slicer achieves

Weber's precise, high speed 904 high speed food slicer averages under 1% give-away -- with 0.2% common. That's especially important in a time of record high meat and dairy prices and transportation costs.

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The newest slicer in Weber's line is fast and efficient, too. The first 4-lane slicer in the industry and the first capable of 4-lane interleaving, the 2,000 rpm slicer produces 8,000 slices per minute --and the blade is simply a blur in the video.

First-pass on-weight is typically in the high 90 percentile, with yields of 96% plus. The system uses a vision system to check the beginning of each slice, even measuring and compensating for the holes in Swiss cheese, to determine the required thickness to assure on-weight slices every time.

To achieve these innovative capabilities, Weber has long worked with ELAU. Without ELAU, Weber believes many of these capabilities would not be possible today.

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