Layton Systems Box Crusher Has an Ergonomic Design

Handles frozen, crystalized boxes containing product

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Layton Systems Box Crusher

The Layton adjustable T-304 stainless-steel box crusher is ergonomically designed. It reduces the risk of injury from dropping a box on the floor or having to use tools to break apart frozen product.

Frozen, crystalized boxes with product enter the box crusher on a pass-through conveyor that transports them through the machine. Inside the crusher, four crushing rollers with a tensioner press against the boxes to break apart the crystalized product. After being crushed, the boxes convey off the machine. An optional powered conveyor with a stainless-steel, painted washdown reducer and stainless-steel motor is available.

The Layton T-304 box crusher features:

  • Machine overall dimensions: 74-in. wide x 119-in. long x 67-in. tall
    • Average feed rate: 35 ft/min 
  • Box dimension range
    • Width: 9 to14 in.
    • Height maximum: 14 in.
  • Manually adjustable crushing rollers
  • Powered by a gear motor 
  • Hinged safety covers for internal cleaning and access inside the machine
  • Locking swivel casters
  • Adjustable alignment box infeed guide rails
  • 18-in. long. perforated stainless-steel safety mesh guarding at the infeed and discharge
  • NEMA-4X control panel with E-stop and emergency pull cable
  • Mounted visual E-stop alarm

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