Couplings “Mechanically Isolate” Shafts and Motor

Also isolate thermal and electrical occurrences

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Miki Pulley Magnetic Coupling

Engineered for machine designs involving food, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications requiring clean, non-contact connection between the motor and shafts, Miki Pulley magnetic couplings transmit torque through their input and output hubs, which contain powerful rare-earth neodymium magnets. The mechanically isolated magnetic couplings create a magnetic field that transmits torque through plastic, glass, aluminum, and other minimally ferrous materials without physical engagement. They have an intended engineered torque limit at a specific air gap; the transmittable maximum torque may be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the distance between coupling hubs. Available shaft-to-shaft, parallel cylinder, and perpendicular configurations, the couplings also come in stainless-steel and plastic-clad versions for washdown environments.

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