Rapak: Reinforced welding system for BIB

Rapak launches W-Seal a reinforced welding system designed to limit transportation damage. It creates a honeycomb-like pattern in the melted plastic, resulting in a stronger seal, while preventing possible cracks and leaks at the welded seam.


W-Seal resolves one of the main concerns when it comes to bag-in-box: a risk for plastic cracking on the seam where the dispensing tap is welded into the flexible bag. A standard welding seal of a flexible bag is uniform and without any profile; the molten plastic might drift away and as a result, there can be a recession which can create potential for stress cracking at the tap and bag welding seam. With W-Seal, the plastic is profiled so the melted plastics flow into the honeycomb structure, creating a stronger flat seam with stronger anti-crack properties. Customers that use bag-in-box for exports will especially appreciate the new welding technique as it makes this packaging even more reliable for long transit distance or unpredictable conditions. W-Seal will also be a big advantage for customers that use bag-in-box format in e-commerce, as last mile damages are very common in this channel” says Alexander Kayser, General Manager Rapak Europe. “At Rapak, we are committed to the highest quality standards of our products, that is why we will upgrade all our customers to W-Seal, starting with our plant in Germany throughout 2019.”

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