MPE: In-situ capsule coffee grinder

MPE’s fully automated in-situ Model 600.IS roller style, two-stage capsule coffee grinder features programmable, repeatable grind and density adjustments. It is designed to operate in place, on top of capsule, pod, and any other types of packaging machines.

Model 600.IS
Model 600.IS

Until now, only large industrial roller mills could reach particle size distributions and coffee densities to meet the highest quality capsule experience consumers demand. This means more coffee batching, more grinder cleaning, more conveying, storage and possibly more totes. If a capsule or pod manufacturer wanted a grinder installed above their packaging machine, they were forced to be satisfied with a convenient, but inferior, disc style grinder. Now, the same leading edge roller grinding technology and patented densifier systems available with MPE’s larger grinders are available, along with a water-cooled environment, with the “In Situ,” which can be mounted directly on top of the packaging machine. No more hassles, just fresh ground coffee delivered direct to the filler, perfectly densified to your espresso or lungo style capsule or K-cup pod.

Click here for a complete description of the in-situ Model 600.IS roller style, two-stage capsule coffee grinder.

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