Simco: Ionized blower

Simco-Ion introduces the IQ Power Fantom™ wide-format ionizing blower. With 600 cfm and a 20-in. outlet, unit has an effective range of 20 ft and is available in 120 V and 230 V models.

IQ Power Fantom™
IQ Power Fantom™

The Fantom is also extremely easy to maintain. It has a self-cleaning system that automatically initiates when powered on and can be manually triggered as well. Additionally, a replaceable ionizer assembly extends the product lifetime.

Its raw performance isn’t the only thing that sets the Fantom apart from its competitors. As a part of the IQ Power family, this blower can be monitored and controlled by the IQ Power Control Station. While this is an advantage of all IQ Power products that connect to the Control Station, it’s especially useful for a blower since they are generally mounted out of reach. In addition to remote on/off capabilities, connecting with the Control Station provides the ability to adjust balance, activate the self-cleaning feature and monitor real-time performance.

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