Sidel: Beverage packaging solution

The Sidel Super Combi is an all-in-one system for water and carbonated soft drinks (CSD) production that delivers ready-to-sell products at very high speed, with maximum uptime and ease of operation – all at the lowest TCO.

Beverage packaging solution
Beverage packaging solution

A competitive alternative to traditional lines, the Combi adds value to any complete PET packaging line by combining blow molding, filling, and capping into an integrated system. By eliminating conveying, empty bottle handling, accumulation and storage, Combis optimise line layout with a smaller footprint, improving production hygiene and efficiency while lowering operating costs.

Since all operational processes occur within a single environment, Combis ensure food safety, a prerequisite for the beverage industry. Available for any beverage type, including water, carbonated soft drinks, juices and teas, or dairy-based products, the Combi's configuration and design are adapted to the beverage's specific requirements.

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