Arrow Systems: Laser diecutter/finisher

The ANYCUT laser finisher, manufactured by ANYTRON and distributed by Arrow Systems, Inc., includes a multitude of functions beyond laser diecutting.

Laser diecutter/finisher
Laser diecutter/finisher

One of the more attractive features of the ANYCUT is its power to footprint ratio. Boasting an 80 watt laser, the roll to roll laser finishing system is a desktop model, able to fit in almost any office. The ability to perform custom cuts as well as label etching, marking, hatching, perforations and a multitude of other functions puts the ANYCUT ahead of the competition. This convenient laser system makes power and versatility an affordable option for businesses looking to venture into digital production.

Recent trends in the labeling industry are quickly forcing companies to focus their attention on short to medium runs and custom label production. The new capabilities of digital printing and finishing systems are a response to the rapid increases in customer demand for improved label diversity, as well as reduced costs, and turnaround times.

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