Kurz: Foil-stamping process

The DM-Liner combines foil capabilities with existing toner-based digital printers; this foil stamping technology allows digital printers to be able to easily incorporate foil into designs on various substrates at a more affordable cost to better attract customers that might not have considered it before due to expense.

Foil-stamping process
Foil-stamping process

Working with an existing toner-based digital print, the DM-Liner adheres foil on most print substrates while retaining the original texture, and even delivers excellent edge definition in the fine range of detail. Foils substrates are sent back through the digital printer after foil is applied and is overprinted with digital ink to create a wide range of colors and effects limited only by the imagination of the graphic designer. The ease of this process completely eliminates the need for costly hot stamping dies and greatly reduces production time.

The DM-Liner makes creating traditional cold stamping samples highly flexible. The look and feel of the Digital Metal process mimics the cold stamp look, which frees up the ease of both selling and designing in an existing cold stamping facility.

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