Circle Packaging: High-speed horizontal towelette/pad/wipe machine

Circle Packaging Machinery enhances their line of Towelette/Pad/Wipe machines with the addition of the H22S High Speed Horizontal Towelette/Pad/Wipe machine.

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H22S High Speed Horizontal Towelette/Pad/Wipe machine
H22S High Speed Horizontal Towelette/Pad/Wipe machine

The wide working width and fast cycle speed allow the machine to produce as many as 1,200 finished towelettes per minute. The servo driven tuckers allow for precise positioning and cross folding of the pad material. The H22S machine draws towelette material from an individual roll, slits, fan-folds, pre-doses the appropriate liquid, cuts, cross-folds and places the towelettes onto the lower web of film for final dosing. Pouches are filled with the wetted towelettes, sealed, slit and cut apart to form individual pouches.

Circle has also introduced the rotary pad knife as an alternative to the standard shear cut knife. No-fold, single-fold and double-fold configurations are available for applications including hand wipes, facial wipes, nail polish remover wipes, household cleaning wipes, alcohol swabs, windshield cleaner wipes, and insect repellent wipes, among others.

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