Brown Machine: Servo driven horizontal trim presses

Brown Machine introduces its Elite Series line of Servo Driven Horizontal Trim Presses equipped with a multitude of cutting edge features for achieving greater speeds, superior precision trimming, longer tool life, ease of maintenance and faster changeover times.

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Elite Servo Driven Horizontal Trim Press
Elite Servo Driven Horizontal Trim Press

Faster production output with high performance/high speed trimming is now achievable by utilizing the Elite Series Trim Press. These new machines are packed with a host of features: Brown’s balanced main frame assembly, enhanced linear guided platen systems, neutral link counterbalance systems, advanced canopy systems, cammed servo feed systems, servo driven treadles, servo ejectors, and efficient drive systems. These machines are designed to run fast without sacrificing trim quality or machine durability.

For faster tool changeovers, Brown has designed new features and re-engineered components to achieve the fastest changeover times in the industry. These innovations include full safety guards that provide easy accessibility for maintenance and tool changeover, side loading capabilities, EZ-adjust crank throws, fine adjust platen parallelism, drop-away release connecting rods, treadle lift, canopy retraction, and automated controls for tool change positioning.

This new series is a result of Brown thinking Fast; the Elite Series is capable of high speeds in excess of 175 stokes per minute and fast changeover times of less than 30 minutes. The new LS Elite Series includes an impressive list of standard features:

• High-Performance Allen-Bradley Panelview HMI with Compact Logix Machine Control, coupled with High Speed/Torque Yaskawa Servo Motors and Drives to provide complete trim press control throughout the range of both speed and power. Consistent with Brown Machines control philoso­phy, Elite Series press controls employ user-friendly open architecture programming with non-proprietary software and components.

• Balanced frame design with precision leveling control and vibration absorption set pads. Re-designed for 2015, the tubular metal frame and platens are stress-relieved and machined for optimal balance, guiding, and support. The superstructure also includes front outriggers and adjustable set-pads for precise leveling and movement absorption.

• Spread-Design Pre-Loaded Linear Ball Bearings provide extreme accuracy and extended die life. In this 2015 design, the moving platen has greater depth to minimize deflection, allowing the bear­ings to be spread further apart. Coupled with the utilization of pre-loaded ball bearings, this provides virtually zero deflection at full tonnage and greater stiffness that virtually eliminates tilt in off-center trim load conditions.

• Also new in 2015 are Crank Sheaves that incorporate gear teeth and cog belts for positive perfor­mance and ZERO slip between the crank sheave and drive system for ultimate power and speed control. The cog belts also maintain the design feature of shock absorption that is transferred though the drive system during trim.

• Full length By-Pass Sliding Guard Doors on the sides of the new trim press and Hinged Guard Doors in the front and rear continue to offer high level safety to prevent operator access inside the machine during operation. This improved design also provides easy entry and accessibility during tool changeover and maintenance functions.

In addition, the Elite Series is available with several innovative new and upgraded Options:

• New patent-pending EZ-Adjust Crank Throws for faster trim press stroke changes

• New patent-pending Drop-Away Connecting Rod Release for faster changeover and easy die-set maintenance

• New patent-pending Neutral Link system to provide true counterbalance conditions at high speed

• New Trim Press and Tooling Protection control functions feature real-time strain gauge tonnage monitoring and trim press and die-set bushing temperature monitoring to insure optimum operation parameters

• New Advanced Canopy System for positive guiding, loop control and positioning for transfer from the thermoformer to the trim press feed system

• Updated Fine Adjust Crank Throw Arms to allow precision adjustment of the shut height

• Updated Servo Ejector system for increased rigidity and higher performance

• Updated Drive System for positive drive and reduced flex

• Updated Treadle Lift for smoother lift with the moving platen in any position

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