Selenis: Versatile line of PETG

In addition to applications in automotive, medical, and construction, the Genius line of glycol-modified PET products from Selenis can be used in a wide range of packaging applications, including injection molding, heat shrink sleeves, sheet extrusion and thermoforming, and extrusion blow molding of bottles.

Pw 58920 Selenis Genius

Three different PETG viscosities are available: Genius 72, Genius 80, and Genius 84.

The low viscosity Genius 72 is a dedicated injection molding grade primarily used for modern cosmetic jars. Genius 80, the medium viscosity resin, is predominantly used in film and sheet extrusion. Films extruded from Genius 80 are used in full-body heat shrink sleeves. The highest viscosity, Genius 84, targets the extrusion blow molding market for personal care products.

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