Krones: All-in-one blow-molder, labeler, filler

Able to produce 81,000 PET containers/hour, Krones’ Contiform 3 SC and ErgoBloc L have been integrated to produce a monobloc comprising a blow-molder, a labeler, and a filler.

Pw 56932 Krones

With the latest generation of the Contiform 3 series, the market can now buy small cavity  (SC) machines for the high-output range. The high-speed stretch blow-molding machine for containers sized at a maximum 0.75 litres is fitted with a blow-molding station that operates entirely without lubrication. This reduces by 70% the time needed for manual lubrication of the machine compared to the preceding model, and increases the machine’s availability levels helping minimize operating costs.

To provide users with low-maintenance, simple-to-operate machines with low standstill times the Contiform 3 Small Cavity has been integrated with Contiroll labeling technology featuring a Multireel automatic reel magazine plus fillers from the new Modulfill series.  The individual machines, optimized beforehand with carefully chosen innovations for deployment in a monobloc configuration, are networked using an intelligent control system.

The ErgoBloc L operates with significantly better cost-efficiency than previous line concepts, and the total operating costs are said to be up to 10% lower than for conventional bottling lines; and the monobloc’s footprint is said to be 30% smaller.


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